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Help! My Book Isn’t Selling, and I’m Tired of Wasting Money on Vendor Events!

Trust me, I know this feeling all too well. You set up a great table with your amazing products only to sell little to nothing. Potential customers come by, pick up a book or two, smile, and walk away empty-handed. You smile back, but you become more discouraged by the minute. You may even try changing your method and fully explain the depth of your book, what it’s about, and how they will love it. They may stay longer but still leave empty-handed, and you can’t seem to figure out why.

My name is Danielle Price. I am an Author, Transformational Speaker, and Personal Development Coach. I sell self-improvement workbooks, journals, and self-care products for women. For a while, I struggled with losing money at vendor events until I learned one major lesson to make the most out of every vendor event.

The problem isn’t your table setup or your product. It’s how you are presenting and positioning your product to your customer. Here are four tips to increase sales and forge lasting connections:

1. Understand the Environment and the Event

Ask yourself, “Who is going to be in the room?” “What problems are they having?” “What are their interests?” “How does my product benefit them?” These questions give you a basic understanding of how to connect with potential customers and convert them to paying customers. Your product is already what someone is looking for, but first, you must identify who is in the room and why they need to buy your products. Also, ensure the environment serves your target demographic. If it doesn’t, you may not see a return on investment.

2. Create an Environment Safe for Conversation

Customers at these events are looking to support local businesses and typically make emotional purchases. It’s your responsibility to invoke the right emotion that drives them to pay you. Some ways to do this are:

  • Greet them with a smile and be friendly.

  • Give them a simple compliment that brightens their mood and helps them relax.

  • Ask them about their interests, hobbies, likes/dislikes, struggles, etc. These questions should lead to a problem your book, product, or service can solve. This allows the customer to lead the conversation so you can answer specifically how purchasing your book is in their best interest.

  • Present your product in a way that relates to the answers they gave you. Tell them how your product is related to their interests or solves their problem. Highlight specific parts of your products that drive them to see its value. It’s important to understand that these customers want to buy; they just need you to tell them why they should buy.

3. Look for Fruitful and Meaningful Connections Beyond a Sale

There are many ways to use this event to not just sell but increase your network. When you meet someone who can be a future collaborator, set a meeting time before they leave your table. Some people may follow up afterward, but I find that it is most effective to exchange contact information and agree on a meeting day and time at the first meeting. There is no guarantee that they will answer your follow-up email or phone call. You have their attention now. Take the initiative, set the date and time, and then follow up afterward. Google Calendar allows you to send calendar invites directly to their email, so it shows on their calendar. Trust me, this was a game changer!

4. Ask for the Sale!

As soon as you see that they are interested in purchasing, start bagging it immediately. This sends a subconscious signal to their brain that it’s time to pay. Casually let them know the price if you haven’t done so already, and do not shy away from boldly stating your price. The only way to close is to ask them, “Will you be paying cash or card?” Don’t be pushy but be assertive. Remember, they stayed, heard how your product can help them, and now it’s time for them to invest in themselves.

Vending events can be tough, but they don’t have to be. Remember, you won’t have to follow these tips for every customer. However, this will help you convert more potential customers into paying customers. If you follow these tips and properly prepare, you can sell more and forge lasting connections.

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