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Self-publishing is your next step in reaching a bigger audience and improving more lives through your story.

What's the average royalty rate for a traditionally-published author?
At this rate, if your book retails for $14.99, that's only $1 profit per book. Imagine selling that same book and profiting $10. That's the beauty of self-publishing, and we can help you do it.

​Our job is to help you do it professionally and efficiently.

We craft high-quality, well-designed books that reflect your brand, purpose, and impact.

We do this through editing, book design, launch support, author branding, and coaching.

Once we finish our job, you keep your rights to print, sell, and promote your work while retaining 100% of your book's profits. We call this a "no-strings attached" model. 

We're a one-stop-shop for self-published authors:

Editing Services
  • Editorial Assessments

  • Line Editing

  • Content Editing

  • Developmental Editing

Publishing Services
  • Interior Book Design

  • Cover Design

  • eBook Formatting

  • ISBN #s & Registration

  • Amazon KDP Setup

Branding & Marketing Services
  • Brand Identity Design

  • Print Collateral Design

  • Author Websites

  • Social Media Marketing

Our clients are brand leaders, influencers, and entrepreneurs who want to harness the power of publishing to connect with and grow their audiences.

Our clients are also powerhouses, like the women below:

"I appreciate you more than I can communicate in words."


"We were able to collaborate so well together."


"Next Page is an amazing supporter."

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Coach, Entrepreneur,

Author, From CNA to PhD

Blogger, Youtuber, Coach,

Author, Breaking Up With the Bad Girl

Blogger, Speaker, Entrepreneur

Author, Bigger Than Me


Since 2019, we've helped more than three dozen authors share their stories.

Right now, those same authors are reaching wider audiences and making lasting connections. They're retaining 100% of their book sales (after print & fulfillment costs) because they own their copyrights.


And their work is being recognized and featured on national television, podcasts, book clubs, college curriculums, and across countless digital platforms.


You're next, right?

Meet our founder

Janaye Jordan became a mompreneur after graduating from William and Mary in 2011 with a fresh literary studies degree in hand and a newborn baby on her hip. In search of purpose and impact, she partnered with her husband, Alim, to launch a branding and design agency. Soon after, Janaye started taking editing and book design requests, and she quickly discovered the amazing world of self-publishing.

Having contributed to more than forty books, Janaye has experience at every stage of the publishing journey, from research and ghostwriting to formatting and branding. The multipotentialite has also co-facilitated advanced writing workshops across the country for government agencies including USDA, SSA, & DOT.

Janaye launched Next Page in 2019 and leads a small and mighty team of editors, designers, and brand strategists who are on a mission to help writers align their purpose and impact through publishing.


Want to know even more? Find answers to common questions HERE, or send us a message HERE.

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