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Editing Rates


Handing your manuscript over to an editor can be the scariest part of the self-publishing process. This may be the first time anyone has read your story. You may question how your message will be conveyed, if your writing is solid, or what the feedback will be.

We've walked dozens of authors through the editing process, and every single one has walked away feeling relieved, motivated, and confident- along with a polished and professional product in hand.

Now, it's your turn. Start by exploring our editing tiers below, then take the next step by requesting an editing recommendation.

editing by Nex Page

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Editing for spelling, grammar, and punctuation. We may also address syntax and word choice and make light recommendations for improving the overall readability of the work.


Experienced writers who already have a strong understanding of writing fundamentals and just need a second set of eyes to catch minor errors.


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Line/Content Editing


Editing for accuracy and consistency of content with a focus on more extensive restructuring of sentences.


Novice writers who want or need help clarifying their writing.


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Developmental Editing


A full-scope editing service that examines paragraphs, chapters, and overall book structure. We identify big-picture areas that need work to help realize your book's full potential.


First-time writers who need advanced help structuring or finishing their books.


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Note: All editing tiers include a minimum of four editing passes. Edits and comments are made and tracked in Microsoft Word.

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