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Get valuable feedback on your manuscript from a professional editor

Finished writing your book? Take the next step toward self-publishing by requesting a manuscript assessment and action plan.

Ideal for: 1st time authors, authors on a budget, or authors with a flexible publishing timeline.

How Does it Work?


Answer a few questions below and submit your completed manuscript to our editing team.


An experienced editor will assess your manuscript and prepare a video with feedback.


Revise your manuscript yourself or hire our team to complete a full edit.

What Do I Get?

In as little as one week, we'll send you a video (approximately 15 minutes long) that you can save and rewatch as much as you want. We’ll share notes, tips, and an action plan to improve your work and prepare it for readers.

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How Much Does it Cost?

The price for this service is primarily based on your word count. Please note: in order to receive an accurate quote, your word count will need to be accurate.

If you decide to hire us to fully edit the same manuscript, the amount you paid for this service will be deducted from your editing total.

Sample Pricing Based on Word Count

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Ready to Start?

Submit the form below, and we'll send a quote and an estimated turnaround time for your project within one business day.

Still have questions or wonder if this is the right service for you? Feel free to schedule a call with us HERE.

Manscript Assessment Form
  • Are you a publishing company?
    We're not a traditional publishing company. Although we offer many of the same services that a traditional publishing company does, we operate on a "no strings attached" model. We do not own the copyright on any book that we produce, and we do not take any royalties. Instead, self-published authors pay us upfront for editing, formatting, and design services, and then they market and sell their books independently afterwards. Since we are not a traditional publishing company, we do not take responsibility for printing, selling, or marketing our authors' books (although we LOVE to promote and feature our clients on social media and on our website). This enables our clients to retain the most profit possible for each book they sell.
  • What are the benefits of self-publishing?
  • How does the process work?
    1. If you're interested in hiring us, you'll start by completing a brief questionnaire HERE. 2. Within 24hrs, we'll email you an interactive proposal. 3. Select the services you want and submit your deposit. 4. We get to work and present you an amazing draft within weeks. 5. We'll work together to make the draft perfect. 6. After your final payment, we'll send your print-ready files and help you get them on Amazon. 7. We celebrate your book launch together (and the sales start rolling in).
  • How does payment work?
    Depending on your service package, we'll divide your total service fee into two or three installments. A non-refundable deposit retainer will be required to secure your service. Full payment must be received in order for us to release your print-ready files.
  • How long will it take to launch my book?
    Our average turnaround time for a typical editing + self-publishing package is 3-4 weeks from start to finish. That includes the time it takes for authors to review and submit feedback and revisions on their manuscript drafts. Your book may take shorter or longer to produce and will depend on the following factors: - Word count - Book genre - Number of graphics in the book - Additional writing or content completed by the author - Deliverables from other vendors (such as author headshots, logo files, etc.) Service timelines and delivery dates are conveyed and agreed upon before we start any new project.
  • Do your packages include print copies?
    Our packages do not include any print copies, and there are a few reasons why: 1. As a self-publisher, you will retain the sole copyright to your book. We won't legally give ourselves permission to produce copies of your work and then sell them to you- that would go against our "no strings attached" model. 2. Once you create your Amazon KDP account and get your book set up there, Amazon will allow you to order proof and author copies at an extremely low rate (we will help you facilitate this). A typical author print price for an average-sized book is between $1-$3. 3. The above two items means that you'll be able to log into your Amazon KDP account and place an order for author copies at any time and as often as you need. You'll never need to go through us to do this.
  • What book genres do you specialize in?
    Non-fiction memoirs, devotionals, and self-help books are the most common genres that we work with. We've also edited an array of fiction books, pocket guides, and educational resources. Whatever genre your work falls in, we'd love to hear more about it- tell us HERE.
  • Do you create eBooks?
    Yes! If you plan on self-publishing a paperback book, it's a good idea to invest in an eBook, too. Ebook formatting is included in our top two self-publishing packages (learn more about those HERE), and we also offer a la carte formatting for authors who have already published their books.
  • Do you create children's books?
    We currently do not produce children's books, but we know a few people who do! If you're searching for a children's book illustrator or mentor, let us know HERE, and we'll try and point you in the right direction.
  • I'm still planning/writing my book. When should I start looking for an editor?
    It's never too early to start. In fact, we highly recommend researching and selecting an editor at least one month prior to finishing your manuscript to ensure that you maintain your momentum. After an itense and emotional writing phase, it's common to want to step back and re-energize before moving to the editing phase. Usually, this starts with a few days, but it can easily turn into months or years if you haven't planned (or researched) those next steps. Almost 50% of our authors come to us with manuscripts that they've sat on for years because they did just this. Talking to an editor early on can prevent unintended procrastination. If you're nearing the end of your writing phase and you want to maintain your momentum, check out our manuscript assessment service, which is perfect if: - You've started writing, but you're feeling stuck and need some direction - You're nearing the end of your book, but you're not sure which areas need some attention - You've finished writing your book and hiring a full-scope editor is not in your budget, but you're ready for some general feedback This service is also helpful for authors who want to traditionally publish and are looking for ways to make their books more marketable to publishers.
  • Where are you based?
    We're proudly based in Hampton Roads, Virginia, and we work with authors across the globe.


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