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Non-Disclosure Policy

Proprietary Information

Next Page Editing & Design acknowledges that your manuscript is confidential and proprietary to you, the author. We agree to use reasonable care to safeguard your manuscript and to prevent the unauthorized use or disclosure thereof.

All rights, title, and interest in your manuscript shall be the sole and exclusive property of you, the author, including:

  • All materials, including but not limited to Word documents;

  • Any and all content of the subject matter of the manuscript provided by you; and

  • Any ideas, works, documentation or notes conceived related to the manuscript.


We will disclose or give access to your manuscript only to such employees, agents, or contractors (editing team) having need-to-know in connection with our engagement and for use in connection therewith. We will advise our editing team having access to the manuscript of the confidential and proprietary nature thereof.



You are submitting your manuscript to us in order for our team to conduct an editing assessment and to provide an editing tier recommendation only. We will not make changes to your manuscript in any way unless you retain us for editing services. Should you not retain us for editing services, we will permanently delete our copy or copies of the manuscript.



We will not produce any copies or reproductions of the manuscript for non-assessment purposes.

Unauthorized Use


We will promptly advise you in writing if we learn of any unauthorized use or disclosure of your manuscript by any member of our team.

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