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Track and remember your reading journey.

Created by a book designer and book lover, this all-in-one reading journal is designed to help you get the most impact out of every book you read. Suitable for readers of any genre or medium.


Yes, you need a book journal.

Because you read a lot. And your TBR list is growing. Basically, you need a place to keep track of all the books you read.

As a book lover, you deserve a home base to return to after diving into a good (or bad) book. This is it.

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Concrete Wall

The Rise and Read Book Journal is your space to log, review, and remember all the stories you've experienced on your reading journey.

"TBR" (to be read) list

Comprehensive book review & notes section

Space for favorite quotes, additional books by author, and more

"Books Completed" list

Track and review print books, audiobooks, or ebooks

Room for up to 52 book reviews

"The Rise and Read Book Journal is a powerful way to set intentions and a valuable tool to empower you and your love of reading".


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